Tips to help you with Visual Communication

Most jobs now require the use of visual media. That is why it is a good idea to look into visual communications. Something that will help set you apart from other applicants is the E-S-V factor. Efficient, Skilled, Versatile. If you have these qualities it will help you go far in finding jobs. Another way that you can obtain jobs is working on your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. The key is to make your work easy to find on search engines and people will most likely approach you. These tips can not only apply to visual communication, but all forms of communication. Thank you Sister Caryn Esplin for introducing visual communication and providing tips that can help students find a job.


Intro to I-Comm

I-Comm consists of the Scroll, Scroll TV, and Soapbox Agency. By signing up for any of these classes you will gain experience. They use the latest technology and teach you how to use the tools that are currently out in the work field.

One of the main things that stuck with me is to not be intimidated. Don’t be afraid to sign up or apply. You can only grow. “The difference between you and someone else in Hollywood is they did something about it.”

Thank you Brother John Thompson and I-Comm team for teaching about some of the different resources available on campus and encouraging students to learn.

Advice from the Journalism Department

1.Be more informed. If you spend 5 minutes a day you will learn so much.

2. Think about your education. If you think about your career in terms of it starting when you walked on to campus it will change the way you pursue your education.

3. Blog! If you write about something you care about 3 times a week by the time you graduate you will have a huge portfolio, and it can help you network.

4. Consider Journalism Strongly. Journalism unifies, informs, and connects people. There are new mediums to tell stories, and new targeted opportunities.

Journalism has many great opportunities, and just by listening to this advice it can greatly change your life and education. Thank you Brother Lane Williams for the great advice.