P1 Flier


  1. Description: This flyer was created to advertise for a graduate leadership conference.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): I started with a few sketches. Then I went to InDesign and created a rough draft based of my sketches. I tried to keep my design simple and make use of negative space. I also tried hard to keep things aligned, and that FOCUS principles were used. I had two people critique my draft. Then I went back into InDesign and made some changes and got the final draft you see pictured above.
  3. Message: There is a conference to help students who are graduating build leadership skills.
  4. Audience: Students who are graduating that want to build skills.
  5. Top Thing Learned: The top thing I learned was how InDesign worked.
  6. Title Font Name & Category: Script: Lavanderia
  7. Copy Font Name & Category: Sans Serif: Arial
  8. Links to images used in this project:




3 Replies to “P1 Flier”

  1. I really like your design and how you made use of the white space throughout. It’s obvious that your targeted audience is “graduating seniors.” You grouped the time, date and place together – making it easier for the viewer to gather needed information. I appreciate your use of value to create focal point and visual flow.


  2. Lauren, I really liked your design! I like what you did to the picture. That was creative and gave you some extra white space. The words and the flow work nicely together. It is easy to read and understand the message. Nicely done!


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