P3 Activity: Photography

Light 1: Outside
Light 2: Inside
Focus 1: Foreground
Focus 2: Background
Composition 1: Thirds
Composition 2: Lead Room

I really enjoyed this assignment because it allowed my to practice my photography skills and I learned how to use some basic principles in photoshop. For my first light image I was up near the Hinckley building when this pine tree blew me away. The original photo had a light post in it, but thanks to photoshop it is no longer there. The second light image was taken in the greenhouse. Both focus images are courtesy of the greenhouse, as well as the rule of thirds image. The final image of my roommate was taken in the apple orchard.

My favorite image would have to be the one of the cactus. First I love it because it reminds me of home. The second reason why it’s my favorite is because I love the detail of the image. I also really enjoy them colors of the cactus as well.


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