Composition: Perspective of 12

I went over to my friend Ronny’s apartment because he has a lot of amazing vintage items. While I was looking at all of his stuff I fell in love with his oven, and had to take pictures of it.








texturescom_metalbare0132_3_mI really liked the photo of the inside of the oven and thought it would be neat if I added a texture to it. I went to found an image I liked and downloaded it. I then went into photoshop put on a layer mask and blended the metal and the metal in the oven oven together. I really like the way it turned out.


4 Replies to “Composition: Perspective of 12”

  1. These turned out sooo good Lexie!! I’m glad that the lighting worked out well and the pics are super clear/sharp. I think the closeups of the dials are really cool. My absolute favorite part is the texture blend that you did! It looks like it should be like that originally.

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  2. Lexie! I’m liking your subject. That’s an interesting oven. I love the colors in these images, very 1960s. There are a lot of interesting perspectives you captured that show off texture. Feels real. The layout of your collage is really cool, keeping the subject center to everything. The way the window light falls around the subject adds to the environment. Nice stuff yo.
    Check out this guys perspectives.


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