I entered the East Idaho Photo Contest on November 3rd. This photo contest was online and had many categories and many opportunities for photo submissions. Here’s the link to the contest.

The first category I submitted photos for is Nature and Wildlife.

The first image is of Mesa Falls, and was taken on 9/24/2016. This photo is a long exposure, and really showcases how much water runs past.
This image is of Monkey Rock and was also taken on 9/24/2016. This image is also a long exposure. It shows the motion of water, and the beginnings of fall.

The second category I submitted a photo for is sports and leisure.

This photo is of a knights vs hawks football game at Brigham Young University Idaho. It was taken on 10/22/2016.

The last category I submitted a photo for is other.

This is a macro shot of a kiwi and grapefruit covered in sugar. It was taken on 10/18/2016 in Rexburg, Idaho.

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