Top Stock Photo

So this semester I have been learning about stock photography and I think that this is my top stock photo. It illustrates a fun concept and involves food, so what could be better? So I present to you “A photo of the first bite of pancakes”. My images can be found on big stock, 123rf, adobe stock, shutterstock, and istock



I have really enjoyed taking photos this past semester. I have learned a lot and have grown as a photographer. I have also loved seeing my work printed and now turned into a photobook!

As far as the design of my book goes I decided to keep it simple. There is an underlying theme of keyholes. The fonts I used were Essonnes & Proxima Nova Condensed.laurenwagner-realfrontcover



So we have all seen that photo on how to “Levitate”. You know the one where you pour some water on the floor, and stand next to it and it looks like you’re levitating.


Well, I really enjoyed taking levitation photos so here’s a tutorial on how to make a real levitating photo!


Here’s a link to a PDF version. laurenwagner-levitationtutorial

Here’s a video!

Here’s a link to a website where I got some insparation.

Fine Art Print

This is my fine art print. I choose this photo because I love the details that macro photography allows you to capture. I also enjoy the texture and the colors from the fruit and sugar. As you can see the editing I did was very minimal. I got rid of some of the weird sugar bits. I also made my photo brighter. You can see the edits I made in comparison to the photo below. I also added a video to tell you more about this photograph.




Top 5

Taking photos this last semester has been so much fun. Here are my top five images in no particular order. Let me know what you guys think!





Lighter Sparks


I entered the East Idaho Photo Contest on November 3rd. This photo contest was online and had many categories and many opportunities for photo submissions. Here’s the link to the contest.

The first category I submitted photos for is Nature and Wildlife.

The first image is of Mesa Falls, and was taken on 9/24/2016. This photo is a long exposure, and really showcases how much water runs past.
This image is of Monkey Rock and was also taken on 9/24/2016. This image is also a long exposure. It shows the motion of water, and the beginnings of fall.

The second category I submitted a photo for is sports and leisure.

This photo is of a knights vs hawks football game at Brigham Young University Idaho. It was taken on 10/22/2016.

The last category I submitted a photo for is other.

This is a macro shot of a kiwi and grapefruit covered in sugar. It was taken on 10/18/2016 in Rexburg, Idaho.

Photobook Preview

Here’s the beginnings of my photobook! I used Adobe InDesign to create my front and back covers, a table of contents, a contact page, and a spread.


Front Cover
Front Cover
Back Cover
Back Cover
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Contact Page
Contact Page